2018 01 preparing contact centers for ai part 1

Preparing Contact Centers for the Advent of AI - Part 1

Customer experience (CX) drives customer choice. Global businesses are investing in contact centers that focus on customer needs and preferences. Centers that can successfully integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) stand a better chance are winning.

2017 06 outsource lite in preview

Outsource Lite in Preview

We're not sales people. Let us earn your business and your trust, by delivering something small and valuable.

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The Real Pros and Cons of Outsourcing

Outsourcing is not for everyone. Consider the issues to understand what side of the fence your company comes down on when making your outsourcing decisions.

2016 12 using agile and offshore development

Using Agile and Offshore Development

Combine methodologies where appropriate, while considering the importance of key decision factors related to scope, schedule, cost, and quality, to determine when to apply different methodologies.